Monday, November 14, 2011


1. Among twenty gleaming pitchers, the only moving thing was the swirl of the milk.

2. I was of three minds, like a table upon which there are two cappuccini and an oatmeal raisin scone.

3. The barista swirled in the muzak. He was a small part of the pantomime. 

4. A man and a woman are one. A man and a woman and a loca moka are one.

5. I do not know which to prefer, the beauty of lattes or the beauty of loca mokas. The toilet in the rest room flushing or just after.

6. Commuter cars filled the long window with barbaric shimmers. The shadow of the parking Subaru crossed it, to and fro. The mood traced in the shadow an indecipherable cause.

7. O thin men of Rose City Cemetery, why do you dream of ‘dem golden slippers?’ Do you not see how the Espresso Blasters pour down the throats of the living near you?

8. I know noble smells, and lucid inescapable aromas; But I know too that the French Press is involved in what I know.

9. When the young intellectual put his foot on the coffee table his Birkenstock marked the edge of one of many circles.

10. At the sight of my doppio oozing into a little cup, even the district manager of Superbucks coffee would cry out sharply. 

11. He walked down Fremont wearing a beret. Once, a fear pierced him in that he mistook the shadow of his nose stud for a booger. 

12. The Marzocco is hissing. The cash register must be beeping. 

13. It was Tuesday all afternoon. It was raining and it was going to rain. I sat drenched in the Caffeine Meditation Garden